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With over 15 years experience supporting and guiding the world’s largest media organisations in Broadcast, Advertising, Publishing, Sports and Post-production, we know what it takes to accelerate innovation in media production.

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Looking for the Silver Lining
Looking for the Silver Lining

According to the World Meteorological Organisation, there are 10 different types of cloud, each of which can be divided further into sub-types. They range from the cirrus, the thin floaty clouds which generally serve only to make the sky look beautiful to the...

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Big Data: Data Lake vs Data Warehouse
Big Data: Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

Big Data: Data Lake vs Data Warehouse Dealing with big data can be a minefield! The volume of data being created on a daily basis is growing exponentially and as our clients are only too aware, the storage and safety of this data is of paramount importance. As more...

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We work closely with the world’s leading technology platforms to transform how media is created, stored and distributed.