Delivering business change through insight, process, expertise and technology.

Changing businesses through emerging and bespoke technologies.

Helping businesses thrive with ongoing operation and technology support.

Understanding, Challenging & Enabling

Delivering business change through insight, process, expertise and technology

Planning for Tomorrow

We understand that implementing technology is the easy part. To create long-lasting business change we take the time to fully understand the operation, the technology and the people to give our clients an objective overview of what can be improved, how it can be achieved and most importantly, how it can be sustained.


Business Benefit Analysis


Change Management

Experts in Our Field

Support Partners consist of technology experts with operational experience across the whole M&E sector. SP consultants can objectively analyse processes, technology and business operations to help improve organisational efficiency, reduce expenditure and future proof environments.

Complete Understanding

Our consultants come from a media background; from trained editors, to cinematographers, to producers our team know what a successful media production environment should look like and what media production of the future will be.

Designing, Deploying & Saving

Changing businesses through emerging and bespoke technologies

By understanding a client’s environment and the future challenges. our technology team can help clients design and implement both emerging and bespoke technology to create efficient, cost effective solutions built around open-ended, data-driven workflows.

We have been designing and deploying disruptive technology for the world’s biggest media operations for over 15 years

Cloud Automation

Location Unaware

Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics

Our Approach

We understand that our clients need to put their clients first. We use an Agile/DevOps methodology to ensure that when we implement cutting edge technology not only does it get implemented quickly, it gets implemented in a way which does not disturb the operation.

Technology Partners

Maintaining, Supporting & Improving

Helping businesses thrive with ongoing operation and technology support and managed services

The backbone of Support Partners is a support team which spans two continents and provides full operational support for tier 1 companies in the M&E sector. Taking a proactive stance, not only does the team support day-to-day issues but also proactively maintains and manages environments using both onsite and remote resources.

Implementing technology is easy, change management is where true operational benefits are realised. We’ll enable smooth and long-term adoption of technology with support, tools and industry proven processes.

Services include:

Operational Support
Workflow Support
Application Support
IT / Broadcast Support
Project Delivery
Infrastructure As A Service

Our Clients