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Four brief case studies focusing on cloud-based automation and cost reduction

1. Hybrid Local/Cloud International Collaboration System

The Challenge: Our client, a global advertising production network, needed to significantly improve the speed of collaboration between their creative studios around the world. The aim was to load-balance video production work between international teams, using spare capacity in all regions.

The Solution: We designed and implemented a new cloud-based collaboration system built in a secure combination of Microsoft Azure and their local network, enabling 16 studios on 5 continents to share large amounts of video content with each other. The client can now rapidly allocate creative work to the best available team and monitor key business metrics in real time. They also have a platform for automation of tasks using machine intelligence, to accelerate operational decisions and increase capacity, giving them a truly competitive advantage.

2. Cloud-based Newsroom Desktop Upgrade

The Challenge: Our long-term live TV news partner, for whom we had already built an IP-based studio with robotic cameras, asked us to take on the support of their newsroom PCs, upgrading them to improve flexibility and security while reducing cost.

The Solution: We designed a solution using cloud-based desktops. Journalists and technicians still use their regular display, keyboard and mouse but their computers are located in Amazon AWS data centres. Combined with a carefully managed upgrade to Office365, this improved collaboration, security and flexibility. The business can monitor utilisation and pay only for what it uses, and more efficient systems administration has hugely reduced the client’s annual IT support cost.

3. Automated Reversioning and Process Management

The Challenge: Our client, an international advertising agency, needed to automate the reversioning of car adverts with individual branding for thousands of auto sales franchisees across the USA. Previously this would have been done labour intensively by a creative team in a single location.

The Solution: We designed a system in the Microsoft Azure cloud to centralise and automate the reversioning of these commercials with individual branding for all franchisees, while tying into their existing business management tools. The benefits of this are a huge increase in productivity and an ability to flexibly meet the client’s ideal requirements. They also have transparent analysis and reporting, and a framework to use machine intelligence for cognitive services and decision making.

4. Hybrid On-Premise/Cloud Editing, MAM & Analytics

The Challenge: A well-known international newspaper asked us to upgrade their in-house editing facility to solve capacity, collaboration and archiving limitations, while decreasing their infrastructure footprint and maintenance overhead.

The Solution: We worked with them to design and integrate a hybrid Amazon AWS cloud and on-premise system. We transitioned their teams to a cost- effective NAS shared storage with a cloud-based asset management system, which provided indexing of their footage and on-site disaster recovery. We also supported their move to Adobe Creative Cloud, adding automation for ingest and delivery to their website and apps. Additional benefits were analytics for utilisation, and a framework for further production automation, with the capacity to expand in the cloud instead of increasing on-premise infrastructure.

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