Cloud Storage Management

Our Microsoft native storage accelerator, AIR Blob Explorer, helps our clients cost-effectively and simply manage their Azure storage tiers.

AIR Blob Explorer

AIR Blob Explorer is designed to simplify the management of assets stored on Azure Blob storage. As an Azure-native, serverless framework, AIR Blob Explorer can be deployed on any Azure Subscription to ensure you are only charged for what you consume at your agreed Azure rate. With a customisable skills pipeline tailored to your business needs, you can enrich the metadata associated with your assets helping to surface documents, videos, and assets that were previously unsearchable. 

Intuitive Search
One-click Download
Change Storage Tiers
Granular Life-cycle Policies
Enrich Asset Metadata
Deploy in any Azure Tenancy
Enterprise Support

Search and Retrieve

Point Air Blob Explorer at any tier of Azure Blob and it will do the rest. Built on Azure-native serverless architecture AIR Blob Explorer will extract technical metadata, create time-based event metadata via cognitive service and create a low-resolution version of the asset for previewing in an easy to use Web GUI.

Easy Asset Management

Unlike other storage explorers, in AIR Blob Explorer you can view a set of associated assets that are stored on various tiers of Azure Blob. See the storage status of every asset and with one-click change storage tiers and download to any location.

Cost Control

Built on Azure native services and deployable in any Azure subscription, you are only charged for what you consume at the rate you have agreed with Azure. AIR Blob Explorer is the most cost-effective and flexible way for managing your Blob archive in Azure.


Accelerator framework for managing assets stored in Azure blob. Change storage tier, download to any location and use cognitive services to intelligently manage assets

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