There’s a comment piece by Ian Burrell in the i newspaper today about the BBC Worldwide Showcase in Liverpool this month, focusing particularly on the Natural History Unit’s amazing new landmark show Dynasty which we’ve provided workflow advice & problem-solving support for.  700 international buyers view thousands of hours of BBC content in 600 specially-made “digi-booths” – and all those thousands of hours are prepped in BBC Worldwide’s large in-house editing network that we also support, and have done for almost 10 years now.

Dynasty extends 2015’s Life Story to examine the power dynamics within single groups of animals: chimpanzee, Emperor penguin, wild dog, lion and tiger.

As Ian Burrill writes, “Google, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook-Oculus and Amazon will all be in attendance at the gathering, which is of critical importance to the BBC. While these big beasts… threaten its position… they are also potential allies that can help ensure its long-term survival.

Partnership is vital… Four years away from its centenary, the BBC faces more predators than ever. But if its shows are good enough and it chooses its allies wisely, it can live on for generations to come.”

Ian Burrell’s full article at here: