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The cameras used in Netflix series

The cameras used in Netflix series

Article from PremiumBeat about the cameras (and lenses and settings) used in 11 Netflix series, including Stranger Things.

This is the same mix we see across broadcast in the UK at the moment, with Red in heavy use at the NHU (6K Dragon for Blue Planet 2, now 8K Heliums), lots of Canon C300s for other factual series, fewer Sonys and Arris, but growing numbers of Panasonics after 5+ years completely out of fashion.

The DOP from Ozark said “We did a lot of tests with the Panasonic VariCam and the RED, and I was really happy with what the VariCam was giving us. We found that we were a little afraid of how the RED camera handles greens. We were going to be surrounded in greens while shooting summer in Atlanta, and the RED just looked a little too digital.”

Red’s the winner, used in 5 out of 11 productions here.
2x Panasonic Varicam LTs
2x Canon C300 (both for docs)
1x Arri Alexa
1x Sony F55, FS7 & A7S (also for a doc)


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