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Apple showing sneak peaks of FCP 10.4 on new iMacs

Apple showing sneak peaks of FCP 10.4 on new iMacs

Apple are previewing FCP 10.4 on new iMacs – we’re guessing they will ship together.

The new version adds:

  • VR workflow (because they hired Tim Dashwood in April) with titles, transitions, horizon straightening tool and simultaneous screen/headset display.  Includes Motion integration, too.
  • HDR
  • LUT improvements
  • HEVC
  • iOS iMovie import
  • New colour wheels and colour tweaks, like better keyboard shortcut mapping

In terms of performance, Peter Wiggins from reported that:

  • 10.4 on iMac Pro can play 4K native RED footage with colour correction & title overlay unrendered on the timeline
  • 10.4 on iMac Pro can play optimised (ProRes 4444) in 8K with colour correction and effects in an unrendered timeline

Around 10% of our support clients use Final Cut Pro for postproduction – these features catch it up with Premiere in each of these areas, so will be very welcome. also provided pictures on their post, and Alex Gollner tweeted some videos of the iOS integration and of the VR workflow.

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