Professional Services

We are a disruptive company and leader in pioneering production technologies.

We know that our clients are looking to achieve a more cohesive and global strategy for acquiring, curating and delivering creative content on a global basis, whilst shifting how they pay for their technology.

Our Professional Service team can help facilitate this transition by offering:

Bespoke, innovative tools

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

We carry out business analysis and consultancy to help to determine the business value, optimal processes, scope and solutions that are bespoke to you and your team

Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Project Management and delivery to define the planning, design and specifications of the environment, workflows, infrastructure and workstation configuration

Handover to Business

Handover to Business

Testing and Disaster Recovery, Resilience Testing, Load Testing and UA Testing, Operational Training and Documentation with transition to the support team for BAU

From Design to Technical Delivery

Creative Disruption

We help our customers build innovative, cost-effective and scalable solutions bespoke to their needs.

We’ve pulled together a few case studies on some of our recent work for you to check out.¬†

  • Hybrid on-prem/cloud collaboration systems for multi-site use
  • Scalable cloud based media processing solutions for versioning
  • Migrating existing workflows into the cloud
  • Cloud based computing power for hardware spend reduction

We allow our customers to

Make informed impartial purchasing decisions

Operate efficiently

Save money

Gain a competitive advantage

Insource previously outsourced tasks

Utilise existing infrastructure

Solve storage issues

Implement analytics to monetise workflows