Project Brief

Video content is becoming increasingly important within the newspaper industry and, with 70% of the Financial Times’s circulation now digital, this is particularly true for a publication that boasts 600 editorial staff in over 40 countries. So, when this iconic publication needed an asset management solution that rendered video and media content searchable, reusable and accessible from multiple locations, they looked to Support Partners to provide the answer.

Our Solution

We delivered a global video asset management and logistics system based on Nativ’s Mio product, designed to allow users to quickly access and catalogue content. Running in an FT AWS VPC with a Direct Connect from London, the Support Partners team were able to deliver a system with a web-based interface, easily accessible by global users and with the ability to automatically create searchable subclips of small and large media files based on specific news events.


The project was completed in a number of phases. We initially worked with the FT’s video team to understand and analyse their workflows building a comprehensive list of requirements to go to market with to help the FT chose a suitable vendor. We were then asked to project manage the delivery of the solution to the FT, working with the vendor and the FT to deliver to the business. Phase three saw our handover and support team working with the users to efficiently use the Nativ solution and help realise the business benefits. We are working with the FT to further integrate this solution with their other systems via an API, enabling metadata and file clips to work with other FT systems.

Project Delivery

The SP team succeeded in developing a long-term strategy to grow the FT’s video content and amplify its value across the business. Our asset management solution met all current technical requirements, increasing efficiency in the current edit environment while allowing for the integration of additions in the future, and supporting remote uploads of content from China, NY, Hong Kong and other global locations.

Future Applications

Our solution provides a solid foundation for creating a delivery mechanism to a CDN with rich end­-to-end metadata. Analytics, social media and advertising workflows can be added in later phases once the basic workflows and library management have been live and proven.

Working with Nativ’s Mio

Providing automated workflows, simplified media management and content that is easily searched and retrieved, the MAM forms the core of the production environment. Developed in conjunction with Nativ, the Mio ESR (edit store retrieve) provides a robust and scalable management layer for video assets within the Financial Times and offers many benefits, including:

  1. Automated standardisation of new content – ensuring the edit team can work directly with clips without having to convert content format.
  2. Greater flexibility on how video is created, managed and distributed.
  3. Full integration with Adobe Prelude and Premiere Pro.
  4. Ability to support hundreds of users searching and previewing assets simultaneously.
  5. Cross compatibility with the FT systems and future direction of video.

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