Television Centre’s New Post Production Facility

It was an exciting day when Support Partners were chosen to deliver a new Post Production Facility that met the growing needs of the BBC Worldwide team, and the five post-production divisions that would be working there. We had only three months from the first equipment delivery to the site going live, and it was our job to provide access to the very best creative production facilities without disrupting broadcasting. This is how we did it.

Our Solution

Headed by Pete, our team devised an efficient end-to-end production facility. We provided backup storage and infrastructure, migrated and tested workflows in the new environment, trained over sixty staff in the use of the new facility, integrated existing data and oversaw the decommissioning of the old site.

Our aim was to streamline the production process as much as possible, offering key stakeholders the best possible value, and providing five creative teams the technology and resources they needed to maintain their reputation as industry leaders.

Solution Architecture

We worked in conjunction with the BBC teams to plan procurement, identify risk assumptions and constraints, and estimate time resources. We provided on-site installation and integration of the hardware and software, as well as on-site and remote system testing to ensure the system was handed over ready for operation. Support Partners also took complete responsibility for end user migration; training and transitioning teams into the new environment.

Planning and Procurement

The new facility had to meet both current and future needs for specialists working in multiple fields. Our technical team identified the best solutions available to deliver on the technical requirements of the project, working in conjunction with our creative experts to ensure the new facility met the operational needs of the teams using it.

Some existing components remained fit-for-purpose and were incorporated into the design of the facility to minimise costs. Our team devised a two-phase hardware procurement plan for implementation by both Support Partners and the BBC. This was specifically designed to utilise the limit periods when building work allowed access to the site.

Project Delivery

Support Partners successfully designed and oversaw the move of the BBC content creation teams from Television Centre to the Post Production Facility in WHQ in under three months. The new facility now supports some of the best creative teams and is responsible for the production of promos, interstitials, billboards, PEGs, BBC portfolio sales reels, 360-degree campaigns for local and global markets, and much more.

Testing and Handover

It was up to us to ensure that all the teams made the transition without disrupting broadcasting. Our team handled the migration and storage of all data, tested and optimised workflows, devised a two-phase move of over sixty staff members, provided training for all teams and successfully coordinated a smooth handover of operations once the system was up and running.

Technology deployed:

The WHQ Post Production Facility now boasts:

  • 65 edit workstations running Adobe Premiere.
  • 6 Graphics Workstation AfterFX.
  • 3 Quantum StorNext tiered storage solution with over 1Petabyte.
  • Qlogic Fibre Channel Network.
  • Vidcheck QC System.
  • Telestream Transcoder.
  • 3 Edit Suites.
  • 2 Audio Suites.
  • CatDV MediaAsset Management solution and workflow for ingest and publishing.
  • MCR and Ingest solutions.

Working with BBC Worldwide

The new Post Production Facility was designed to meet the current and future needs of BBC creative teams all over the world. It was designed to fit within the existing space and required no structural alterations. It will now be used as a template for the renovation of BBC production suites throughout the world. In addition to improved workflows, efficiency and creative capabilities, the new facility also features:

  1. A scalable design, allowing additional components to be easily incorporated in the future.
  2. Workflows that allow for the ingestion of data from a variety of different acquisition formats.

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