Case Studies

Serverless sports clip creation

Event-based cloud workflow to fully automate the editing and publishing of sports clips for an International news organisations.

Cloud-based Automated Advert Versioning

Design and deployment of a cloud-based versioning solution for the automated creation of over 300 adverts per week for a lead global car brand.

Scalable Cloud Render farm

Automated splitting and distribution of 15K images to a scalable cloud-render farm in Azure – bringing rendering time down from 72 hours to 22 mins.

VFX creation in the cloud

Deployment of GPU optimised Virtual Machines, moving VFX production at a large Advertising Agency to the cloud, replacing expensive hardware with cost effective zero clients.

Low-latency multi-region collaboration

‘Over-the-shoulder’ workflow, enabling low-latency output of an East-US datacenter hosted Premiere Pro project to a Broadcast monitor in Los Angeles, for real time review and approve.

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