Media Migration to Azure

As a Microsoft Azure Partner, Support Partners has a proven framework to accelerate cloud migrations. Utilising an event-based, server-less architecture we can offer four Azure-native accelerators that can be deployed on our clients’ Azure subscriptions, simplifying Media migration projects and unlocking the power of the cloud.


Azure transfer accelerator for the mass migration of data from on-premise or third-party cloud storage directly into Azure.

Search & Retrieve

Accelerator enabling businesses to intelligently manage their assets. Combining Natural Language Processing with Cognitive tagging in a simple UI, users can intuitively find, preview, retrieve, organise and change storage tiers in Azure.


Accelerator framework for deploying full production studios including editing, animation, rendering and VFX workflows to be hosted entirely in the cloud.

 Sync & Transfer

Intelligent, multi-point sync engine enabling hybrid-cloud collaboration, expedited transfer speeds and global version control. Presented in either a standalone UI or integrated into Microsoft Teams.

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